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Send Appointment Reminders in Australia

If you're looking to send appointment reminders in Australia our automated texting service has you covered.

SMS Client Reminders can send messages via all the major Australian mobile providers including Vodafone, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Optus. All reminders are sent from an Australian phone number. Text reminders are a great way to reduce missed appointments and increase efficiency, and our automated software makes it easy.

Vodafone Telstra Virgin Mobile Optus

Our monthly plans start from just A$15 for the Bronze plan which allows you to send up to 150 reminders.

How it works

Australia's favourite online calendar software is Google Calendar and SMS Client Reminders can auto-scan your Google Calendar(s) to find appointments and set up text reminders. There are two modes - Client Name Input and Direct Input. With the first mode (Client Name) you define a list of client names and their phone number - when the name appears in your calendar it creates an appropriate reminder. With the second mode (Direct Input) the system looks for phone numbers (and email addresses) in the calendar and sets up a reminder when it identifies one.

You can find out more about how it works or read the FAQ which answers the most common questions people ask.

Whichever input mode you choose there are a range of settings, allowing you to control all aspects of the system including the message text, when they get sent, and whether to ask the client to reply as confirmation they can attend.

SMS Client Reminders can also be used without linking to a calendar, and you can input appointment details directly online in a matter of seconds.

Try it out

Why not try our appointment reminder software with a FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT (no credit card required) and give it a go yourself?

And if you have any questions you can contact us at any time.

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