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SMS appointment reminders

Automated appointment reminder software - texts and email


Link to your calendar or input appointments manually

Calendars are continuously scanned for new appointments. Or you can enter appointments manually

Reminders are sent out automatically

Clients are sent sms and email reminders before their appointment. This improves attendance levels, ultimately saving time and money

  • Easy to set up - only requires basic client data and the url for your appointments calendar. No contracts
  • Cost-effective - low monthly cost yet large return on investment thanks to lower Did Not Attend rates
  • Automated - once set up it runs in the background allowing you to get on with your job
  • Configurable - specify when to send reminders, different message types, client Groups etc.
  • Proven - over 10 years track record with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • UK based - developed in the United Kingdom and available across 39 countries.
Send automated reminder SMS texts and emails to your clients. SMS Client Reminders is a simple and flexible solution to reduce no-shows and/or remind clients of important events- you can upload client contact details or use those stored in your calendar, add appointments manually or link to your appointments calendar (so the service can monitor who needs to be sent an automated reminder and at what time) - and that's it! Both SMS/texts and email are supported and the appointment reminder software is fully-hosted - no software or hardware required. With a rolling monthly subscription there are no contracts and you can cancel any time.   News
Watch a video showing how to set up reminders...
As a small, busy clinic, the impact of missed appointments and no-shows has a massive impact on being able to provide timely appointments to our clients both new and old. SMS client reminders works seamlessly with Google calendar to send appointment reminders which has helped to reduce no-shows and has helped us to be able to reduce wait times as we can reallocate appointments with the notice required that is stipulated in the reminder text.
Saltash Aesthetics, Cornwall UK

What is SMS Client Reminders?

It's a simple way to reduce the number of clients failing to attend appointments or sessions. It can also be used to remind clients of important events such as payment dates, lectures, delivery dates and much more. Sending a simple text message (sms) or email a couple of days (or even hours) prior to a scheduled appointment or event provides a convenient reminder for clients who are then less likely to forget. By scanning your appointments calendar SMS Client Reminders can automate this process for you - with minimal effort on your part.

SMS Client Reminders is currently available in: USA USA, Canada Canada, United Kingdom United Kingdom, Bermuda Bermuda, Albania Albania, Australia Australia, Austria Austria, Belgium Belgium, Brazil Brazil, Brunei Brunei, Cyprus Cyprus, Czechia Czechia, DR Congo DR Congo, Denmark Denmark, France France, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hungary Hungary, India India, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Italy Italy, Jamaica Jamaica, Malaysia Malaysia, Mauritius Mauritius, Netherlands Netherlands, New Zealand New Zealand, Norway Norway, Philippines Philippines, Poland Poland, Portugal Portugal, Romania Romania, Singapore Singapore, South Africa South Africa, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, Switzerland Switzerland, Tanzania Tanzania

Sending international appointment reminders. If you would like to use this service in another country (not listed above), please contact us and provide your business details and requirements so that we can confirm if this is possible.

Why should I use it?

It reduces the costs associated with missed appointments, event no-shows, meeting Did Not Attends, late payments (wasted resources, time and money). Sending reminders prior to an appointment or event is proven to decrease the number of clients who fail to attend. People often don't turn up or pay simply because they've forgotten so a simple non-intrusive SMS text and email reminder message is an excellent way to prevent that. Find out how it could help your organization.

How much does it cost?

We have both PAYG (Pay As You Go) and monthly plans.
PAYG costs $9.99* per 50 credits. Monthly subscriptions start from as little as $18.99* per month, with no contracts. There are a number of monthly plans available to match your organization's requirements based on the number of clients you need to communicate with. It's suitable for both small businesses (with just a handful of daily appointments, events, payments) and large organizations (with thousands of clients) and everything in between. We're confident you'll find the SMS Client Reminders service extremely cost-effective. Easy online cancellation at any time

How it works

  • Firstly, decide which method of accessing your client data you want to use; Client Name - where you upload a file containing the names of clients who are willing to be contacted in this way (plus their phone number and optionally email). You can easily export details from all popular email programs and services. Or Direct Input - where you input your client's phone number and email directly into the system or your own appointment calendar.
  • You can either set up an online calendar containing your appointments (or link to an existing one), or add appointments manually/via file upload. As long as your calendar can be accessed online it should be easy to integrate. iCalendar (ICS or iCal) is an industry standard data format for exchanging calendar information and most popular services such as Google, (Hotmail), Outlook (requires Exchange Server), Yahoo, iCloud and Zoho, Teamup, Teamweek and WriteUpp are supported.
  • If required you can edit the template for the reminder text and determine when reminders should be sent. For example an email reminder could be sent three days prior to an appointment, and an SMS the day before. Or you could send mutliple reminders for each appointment, for example a gentle reminder 3 days before and a more urgent reminder 24 hours before. You can even set up multiple different message templates for different purposes, e.g. for different business units or members of staff.
  • Once set up SMS Client Reminders does all the work for you by sending out reminder messages to your clients by SMS text and email at exactly the times you decided. It constantly monitors your appointments calendar. When it finds an appointment with a client on your uploaded client list (using Client Name mode), or with contact details contained within the appointment (using Direct Input mode), it automatically creates reminders by SMS text and email as required. If you've defined a Group and the appointment contains the Group name all clients in that group will be sent a reminder. For maximum convenience this process can be completely automated, or you can opt to manually verify each reminder message before they're sent. The choice is yours, the system has many user defined Settings allowing a wide range of business requirements to be met.
You can find more about how it works.
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It monitors your appointments...   matches them to your client list...   and messages them at the appropriate time

“ SMS Client Reminders has been a great asset to my business. As my business began to grow, my time became very limited, and it was challenging to find the time to call and/or text my clients to remind them of their appointments. This program has been the perfect solution for me. I would never go back to operating without it. It integrates perfectly into the flow of my business. Thank you for creating this simple, yet powerful tool at such a reasonable price. It's exactly what we needed. ”
Rainey Chiropractic, Florida USA


  • Integration - Works with Google Calendars, iCloud Calendars,, Yahoo Calendars, Outlook (requires Exchange Server) and many more
  • Fully hosted service - 99.9% uptime with nothing to download or install
  • Simple set up - you can be up and running in minutes and once set up it requires little or no intervention
  • Wide array of options - tailor the software to meet your needs
  • Easy access - access your account any time, using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Groups - define Groups of clients where appointment reminders get sent to all group members
  • Recurring appointments - Works with single and repeat calendar appointments
  • Multiple Message Templates - to send different messages at different times for a single appointment or event, and to send different messages for different business units or members of staff
For information on recently added functionality check out News

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