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Veterinary Sector - Reduce Cost & Increase Business Efficiency using SMS Client Reminders

Looking after family pets and farm animals is complicated enough for veterinary professionals - without the extra complication and cost of your customers not turning up for surgery appointments or not being available when you arrive for on-site visits.

Humans are forgetful, even when their animals are not well, there are many other things happening in their lives which can easily distract them. A simple reminder a few hours before is all they need to make sure that a valuable appointment is not missed.

SMS text reminders for vets

SMS Client Reminders provide a simple to use, low-cost and secure SMS text and email reminder service that will help you reduce the cost of missed appointments. It can also be used to generate new business by reminding people to book their next preventative treatments, immunizations and check-ups.

It is an ideal solution for everyone in the business of looking after animals, whether you run a veterinary practice, pet grooming service, poodle parlour or even a dog walking service. It is very popular with small to medium size organizations that need an easy to use service with no upfront costs and a low monthly payment plan.

You will benefit from a fully automated SMS text and email appointment reminder service which will run seamlessly alongside your own client management system, contact database or diary calendar. Customers are delighted to receive a non-intrusive text or email reminder about that all important appointment that may just have slipped their mind.

Case study

Dairy Systems
Learn how vet Grant Rogers uses SMS Client Reminders to make his business activities more efficient

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The system can be easily configured online to send out customised reminder messages at the most appropriate time before a scheduled appointment or a future treatment schedule. This is the perfect memory jogger to increase attendance rates and new business opportunities. If there is a problem with the scheduled appointment then the patient is far more likely to contact you to re-arrange and free up a valuable diary slot for someone else to attend.

We are so convinced that this will provide your business with an immediate and long lasting benefit, that we offer a free trial with no obligation to proceed and no need to provide any payment method up front. If you’re happy with the service, which we’re sure you will be, there are four low-cost monthly price plans to meet your organization’s needs.

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