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Travel & Transport Sector - Automatic Booking Reminders by SMS Text and Email

Advance bookings are the lifeblood of most businesses in the travel and transport industry. You will already know that getting as many ‘bums on seats’ or ‘heads on beds’ is the key to maximizing your yield and profitability.

And for haulage and home delivery businesses, getting that package or item from “depot to doorstep” first time and with your customer there to take delivery and sign for it, is vital for a cost effective service.

But if your valuable pre-booked customers do not turn up on the day, or your delivery clients are not waiting for you at the right time, then this leaves you with an expensive no-show and lost opportunities for your business. It could also be a costly mistake for your client, if they end up facing cancellation charges or late delivery penalties as a result of their forgetfulness or disorganisation.

SMS text reminders for travel and transport

You can now offer them an excellent new service, one which will automatically remind all your customers of their bookings or deliveries just a few days, or even a few hours, before their booking or package is due. SMS Client Reminders provides you with a low-cost, easy to use and secure SMS text and email booking reminder service. This is like having an extra pair of hands to make contact with your clients just when they need it.

Your staff will love it just as much as your customers, because everyone benefits by making sure all your pre-bookers and delivery clients are reminded in advance to help minimise the chance of a no-show. There is no complex programming required, the system will easily integrate with your existing reservation or booking system diary and contact management tools.

SMS Client Reminders is aimed primarily at small and medium size organizations and is ideal for travel and transport operators including, haulage and home delivery businesses, independent hotels, bed and breakfast proprietors, self-catering or holiday cottage operators, taxi and private hire companies, railway train services, bus and coach operators or even small airlines and private jet operators.

We want you to try the service to prove that it is the right solution for your organization. Please take our free trial to see how it works. We do not ask for any payment details to take part in the trial and there will be no pressure to subscribe at the end of the trial.

Of course, we hope you will find that it is the perfect solution for your business and can offer a range of very affordable monthly payment plans to meet your requirements. SMS Client Reminders can provide your business with an immediate and long lasting benefit, both in terms of financial performance and customer service.

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