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Health & Beauty Sector - Grow your Business and Improve Customer Service with Text Reminders

Your health and beauty business is your livelihood, every day is important and a missed customer appointment is a lost opportunity and impacts your bottom line. Having your staff spend valuable time trying to phone every customer to remind them of their upcoming appointments is equally costly - and hardly the best use of their time.

SMS Client Reminders provides you with a simple, low-cost and secure solution to this age-old problem. Our on-line service will automatically send SMS text and email reminders to each of your clients a few hours before their appointment is due (or a few days if you prefer). Your customers will be delighted to receive a quick text and email to make sure they don’t forget their important appointment.

SMS text reminders for health and beauty

In addition, you can use SMS Client Reminders to send regular or one-off reminders to your clients to encourage them to book their next appointment for your services and increase your repeat business. It is an ideal solution for everyone in the health and beauty business , whether you run a hairdressing salon, beauty salon, nail salon, tanning salon, health spa or offer complementary health and beauty services at your fitness and leisure centre.

SMS Client Reminders is a very popular service with small and medium size organizations that want an easy to use service with no upfront costs and a low monthly payment plan. It runs seamlessly alongside your own client management system, contact database or diary calendar. The system is quickly and easily set-up to send out customized SMS text and email messages at the most appropriate time that you choose to remind your clients of a scheduled appointment or a future treatment.

This is the perfect solution to help improve attendance rates and grow repeat business. Your business will benefit with improved productivity and increased profitability. Your customers will be even more pleased with your service and perhaps tell their friends about it too!

We are so convinced that SMS Client Reminders will provide your business with an immediate and long lasting benefit, that we offer a free trial period to let you test the service. There is no obligation to subscribe and no up-front payment method is required. If you’re happy with the trial, which we’re sure you will be, we offer you four low-cost monthly price plans to meet your specific business needs.

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