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Housing Sector - Increase Appointments and Reduce No-Shows

The housing and property sector forms a large and diverse part of every community, with lots of small and medium size organizations providing a wide range of services to the public. By its very nature, there are teams of people who need to visit properties to fulfil their duties, and if the property owner/occupier is not there at the agreed time then this can be a costly and wasted trip.

It would be nice if everyone was just more organized and never forgot anything, but in reality that will not happen! However, a timely reminder is all it takes to minimize the number of no-shows and last minute cancellations. There is no need to spend hours on the phone chasing people up, SMS Client Reminders low-cost SMS text and email technology provides a much better solution for your business.

SMS text reminders for housing sector and real estate

SMS Client Reminders is the ideal system to improve your efficiency, reduce costs and improve profitability. It will easily integrate with your existing appointment scheduling tools and send out customized reminders to your customers about their next visit by your staff.

This is the perfect solution for anyone having to visit clients at their homes such as real estate agents, rental agents, landlords, property managers, surveyors, housing inspectors, rent collectors, appliance repairers, maintenance workers, landscape gardeners, decorators and cleaners.

It also works perfectly as a payment reminder system for regular payments such as rent due, service fees, cleaning bills, gardening fees, etc. This is because SMS texts have over 99% opening rate and are generally seen as urgent and time sensitive messages by recipients, unlike email which has only a 30% opening rate on average and can often be blocked by spam filters so is a much less effective method of communication.

The system is aimed primarily at small and medium size organizations that need an affordable and efficient text and email reminder service. We offer a range of low-cost monthly payment plans to suit your business needs.

SMS Client Reminders is a simple to use, low-cost and secure solution which will prove to be very popular with both your customers and your staff. We are confident that it will give you both an immediate and long lasting benefit.

Try the service yourself with our free 15 day trial. You will not be asked to provide your payment details up-front and there is no pressure to subscribe after you‘ve trialled the service.

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