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Legal Sector - Improve Attendance and Increase your Billable Hours

Law firms are very aware of the cost of clients missing an appointment, your most expensive assets are left sitting around and not earning any fees. You may be able to bill them for non-attendance, but this often leaves a bitter taste in the mouth which may not help in your relationship and future business with them.

We can’t change human nature altogether, but a timely reminder is all it takes to make sure that missed appointments are kept to an absolute minimum. However, getting your secretary to phone around all your clients in advance is costly and time consuming, hardly the best use of their time or your money!

SMS text reminders for the legal sector

SMS Client Reminders provides the ideal solution for your legal practice. You can let our system do all the administrative work for you, sending customised SMS texts and emails to your clients as a reminder of their next appointment. It works perfectly for the following law professionals and many more: attorney, solicitor, barrister, paralegal, chartered legal professional, patent lawyer, accident lawyer, trusts wills and estate attorney, finance lawyers, tax lawyers, real estate lawyers, criminal lawyers, defense attorney, prosecution lawyer, negligence lawyers, personal injury lawyer, insurance lawyers, property lawyers, employment lawyer, immigration lawyers, commercial lawyers, family lawyers, dui attorney, divorce lawyers, conveyancing lawyers, dwi lawyer, legal aid lawyers, pro-bono lawyers, no-win no-fee lawyers and specialist law offices of all kinds.

This is the perfect solution to help increase your organization’s productivity and profitability. SMS Client Reminders is a simple, low-cost and secure solution which will be very popular with both your staff and customers.

It’s quick and easy to set-up the service online, and you can then leave it to automatically send SMS text and email reminders to your customers just when they need them. It will operate seamlessly with your existing client management system, contact database or diary calendar so there is no need for any additional data entry.

SMS Client Reminders is used mostly by small and medium size organizations that want a low-cost, professional and efficient text and email reminder service. There are no upfront costs and a range of very affordable monthly payment plans to choose from. We are confident that SMS Client Reminders will give you both an immediate and long lasting benefit.

To help you decide, we offer a free trial to test the service for yourself. There are no up-front costs and no pressure to subscribe after you‘ve tried the service. Of course, we think you’ll be very happy with the service and there are four low-cost price plans available to suit your legal firm's requirements.

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