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Employment Sector - Ensure your Clients Arrive on Time

Turning up in good time for an interview can be the difference between getting the job or not. Missing it altogether is a fairly certain guarantee of failure. But making sure that your clients are there on time, every time is easier said than done!

And when it is also your reputation and business that could suffer just as much as the prospective employee, it is worth a small investment to help avoid missed appointments or late arrivals. All it takes is a timely reminder to help your clients be there on time.

SMS text reminders for employment sector

SMS Client Reminders is the perfect solution for your business, whether you are a recruitment agent, job centre, head hunter or employment center. No expensive phone calls need to be made by your staff, just leave our system to send low-cost SMS texts and emails just when they are needed. This is an ideal way to improve your customer service and help your organization achieve its objectives.

We have developed SMS Client Reminders with small and medium size organizations very much in mind, ensuring it is an easy to use, efficient and affordable service. It integrates seamlessly with your existing appointment and diary scheduling tools, with no complex set-up or programming required.

We are very confident that this service will provide your business with both an immediate and long lasting benefit. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself with our free trial period.

You will not be asked to provide your payment details up-front and there is no pressure to subscribe after you‘ve finished the trial. If you want to go ahead, which of course we think you will, we can offer a range of low-cost monthly payment plans to meet your business needs.

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