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Case study

Covid-19 Testing
See how a film production company helped keep the cameras rolling by scheduling Covid-19 test reminders.

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Case study

Dairy Systems in Tasmania
Learn how Grant Rogers uses SMS Client Reminders to improve the efficiency of his veterinary business

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Case study

Signature Appraisals
Discover how Underwriting and Loss Control firm Signature Appraisals improved efficiency for their inspection staff

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“ I run a small practice and have never been a fan of scheduling software. SMS Client Reminders has been extremely helpful with lowering our no show rating as well as reminding a few clients that they needed to reschedule, while just using my google calendar. I recently asked about a feature that had been unavailable at the time. They decided it was a worthwhile feature and added it within a few days of my message. These guys really work hard to deliver a user friendly and powerful product. The price is well worth the service.

Thank you very much. ”
Charles Buckingham   Colorado Springs Hypnosis - Website

“ We are a small medical practice and have been using SMS Client Reminders for over a year. We like it because it is simple to use and customizable to our practice. Since starting, we have reduced our no show rates by 50% and our patients appreciate the text reminders for their appointments. We’ve been very pleased with their professional customer support and generous services. I highly recommend their services. ”
Irene G. Ho   Family Care of Middle Georgia - Website

“ I have been using SMS Client Reminders for a few months now and I couldn't be happier. The price is right and they are always there to answer and question or concern that I have. As the owner of a very busy small salon, SMS Client Reminders is the easiest and most frustration-free solution I have found to send out reminder texts to my clients. Highly Recommended. ”
Russ Simon   Russell Simon Beauty Studio - Website

“ The simplicity of using SMS Client Reminders and the awesomely fast customer service, are 2 factors that we really appreciate. ”
George B.   Amy Bonis Mortgage Team - Website

“ SMS Client Reminders is amazing! We tried numerous other solutions, and none of them work as seamlessly as this. On top of that, their customer service is incredibly responsive and has even gone so far as to add specific functionality to the reminder system at our request. I can't think of any other company that has taken its customer service to that level. ”
Michael S.   ECS Learning Systems / Prepworks - Website

“ My company's needs are unique and I decided to give SMS Client Reminders a try after trying 3 other platforms that failed to deliver. At first, I really couldn't figure out how to get the reminders to come at the times I needed them, so I reached out to their support team. Wow, I was blown away by the response time and willingness to add things to their software to make my reminders work for me. I've never seen such fast delivery. I highly recommend SMS Client Reminders because their program works and works well.

Their support staff is also incredible. I really thought they were going to blow me off with my request, but they did the exact opposite! Thanks guys! ”
Ashley D.P.   Speech Therapy with Ashley - Website

“ We have just started using SMS Client Reminders for our osteopathic practice which covers two clinic locations and three practitioners. I have been incredibly impressed at how helpful, efficient and prompt SMS Client Reminders have been with what we thought was going to be a very drawn out process to set up. It was in fact the complete opposite and I'm so thankfull we chose this company to go with for such an important service for our clinic. ”
Chantal P.   East Sussex Osteopaths - Website

“ SMS Client Reminders has been a great asset to my business. As my business began to grow, my time became very limited, and it was challenging to find the time to call and/or text my clients to remind them of their appointments. This program has been the perfect solution for me.

I would never go back to operating without it. It integrates perfectly into the flow of my business. Thank you for creating this simple, yet powerful tool at such a reasonable price. It's exactly what we needed. ”
Dr Ian Rainey   Rainey Chiropractic & Nutrition - Website

“ I've been using SMS Client Reminders for quite a while now. I searched long and hard for the right fit for what I needed, and usually all I found was either something that was way too complicated, offered tons more than what I needed, or was way over-priced.

SMS Client Reminders has fit the bill for me and worked perfectly. The system is very simple to set up and has worked without any problems - well, except a self-imposed operator error (I should've taken typing in high school). I also like that the cost is perfect for me.

All in all, I give it a "5-Star" rating and plan to continue using it for a long time to come. ”
Dr Don Deems   Dr Don Deems - The Dentist's Coach - Website

“ Our company was desperately in need of a scalable, reliable SMS reminder platform for our rental business. We use the product for reminders regarding rent due dates, garbage/recycle night reminders, bulk trash day reminders, tenant updates/notifications and more. This helps our tenants remember some of the little and big things they are responsible for. SMS Client Reminders was just that solution.

Knowing it wasn’t necessarily designed for the Rental industry, SMS Client Reminders support helped me tailor the program to fit my needs and quickly responded to any support issues I had, and assisted with "newbie" questions during initial setup. At the end of the day I have linked google calendars, tenants grouped by property, and best of all a significant increase of on-time rent payments! I can't say enough positive things about how quickly support helped and even entertained some feature enhancements that were unique to my situation.

If you are a landlord you need this application!! ”
Greg M.   GNP Property Management - Website

“ As a small, busy clinic, the impact of missed appointments and no-shows has a massive impact on being able to provide timely appointments to our clients both new and old. SMS client reminders works seamlessly with Google calendar to send appointment reminders which has helped to reduce no-shows and has helped us to be able to reduce wait times as we can reallocate appointments with the notice required that is stipulated in the reminder text. Although not perfect (people can claim not to have received them), it has still massively reduced our no-show rate and helps us to run a last minute cancellation list to offer clients who are on our waiting list for appointments. ”
Rebecca P.   Saltash Aesthetics - Website

“ We needed a way to remind youth sports coaches to pickup and return shared equipment. After evaluating three options, we went with SMS Client Reminders and it has been a hit! From an easy setup (including integration with Google Calendar), to the responsiveness of the team, and the overall value of the service, we've been very happy.

Several times, Coaches have told us that they would have forgotten their responsibilities had it not been for the messages we have been able to send through SMS Client Reminders ”
Todd T.   San Francisco Little League - Website

“ I have been using SMS Client Reminders for 6 months and I am very happy! My appointments are more consistent and there is no justification now for clients not to remember. I recommend it unreservedly! ”

“ Χρησιμοποιώ την εφαρμογή sms client reminder για 6 μήνες και είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος! Τα ραντεβού μου είναι στην ώρα τους και δεν υπάρχει καμμια δικαιολογία ότι ξεχάστηκαν!. Το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα! ”
Theodorakis Lefteris   BODYTEC - Website

“ I use SMS Client Reminders in my veterinary dairy business. Annual farm consults allows me to ensure all animal health issues are covered and then my clients get texts to ensure events actually occur in their busy businesses.

The support I've had from SMS Client Reminders has been amazing. I came to them with a left field use for their product and they went out of their way to make the adjustments I needed ”
Grant Rogers   Dairy Systems, Tasmania

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