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Automated SMS Payment Reminders

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Get your invoices paid on time

All organizations need to collect payments and the payment cycle is the lifeblood of success or failure for many businesses, especially small and medium size companies. Cash flow is king, and if you don’t get paid on time then your finances will start to dry up very quickly.

Increasingly we are seeing companies using our service to help collect their outstanding payments on time, every time. While email reminders are useful for less urgent and time-sensitive communications, when it comes to getting someone's attention quickly then SMS texts are much more effective.

For most people, that simple text reminder on their mobile phone is all it takes to make sure your money arrives on time. Studies have repeatedly shown that the cost savings in terms of financial results easily outweigh the small cost of sending SMS reminders.

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And so the potential use of SMS Client Reminders spans across all types of accounts receivable payments and important business events, including such things as collecting rents, regular subscription fees, one-off invoices, club membership fees, tax return reminders, forthcoming deposit payments, monthly utility bills and many more financial transactions.

So whether you are an accountant or a landlord, a finance director or a club chairman, indeed anyone with a responsibility for collecting outstanding money owed to your organization then we recommend that you take a FREE TRIAL of our system and see how it can help improve both your finances and your customer service.

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