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Creating and Using Multiple Message Templates

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There may be occasions when you need to send out different types of messages to different clients, for example:

  • to send different messages at different times before an appointment
  • to send different messages for different members of staff
  • to send different messages for different types of business or events
All these options and more can be handled within SMS Client Reminders by using our Multiple Message Templates. We've created the ability to define multiple reminder templates with different text and time settings, meaning you can send a range of different messages as and when required.

When entering appointments manually you can choose which template to use (if you don't specify it will use the default template). Or, if using a calendar, you can include the template name in an appointment and that message will be used for the reminder.

Creating New Message Templates

  1. Sign into your SMS Client Reminders account and go to Settings, then click the SMS tab.
  2. Template 1 is displayed as the Default template and the message can be modified as required. This is the message that will be sent if no other template has been created and no specific template has been named in the appointment. You can select when the reminder message should be sent from the drop down list (between 30 days and 0 minutes before the appointment).
  3. The message template includes some standard text and commands which you can modify as required. It will pick up the company name as defined in the Basic tab if the message includes the command for [ORGANIZATION]. You can change the message as required but ensure that it includes the commands for any of the following items that are required so the system picks these up automatically:
    [DATE] = Appointment start date
    [TIME] = Appointment start time
    [DATE-END] = Appointment end date
    [TIME-END] = Appointment end time
    [ORGANIZATION] = Your organization name
    [NAME] = Client name (if applicable)
    [CALENDAR] = Calendar name/reference (if applicable) [TITLE] = Calendar appointment Title (if applicable) [DESCRIPTION] = Calendar appointment Description (if applicable) [LOCATION] = Calendar appointment Location (if applicable)
  4. You can then choose whether to send a 2nd or 3rd reminder to the same client for the same appointment. For example, you may want to send the first reminder 3 days before, the second reminder 24 hours before and a third reminder 3 hours before. You can choose to keep all the reminder messages the same as the first message, or you can change the message and create a new template message for each reminder. Remember to Save the template at the bottom of the page, every time you make any changes.
  5. If you need to create different templates which you can use for different purposes, then click the button Create New SMS Template. Give this new template a short Name that will allow you to easily remember what it is to be used for. For example in the screenshot Template 2 has been given the name REMINDER2. Copy the message from the Default Template if appropriate and then modify as required to create the required new template message.
  6. You can also choose to send a 2nd or 3rd reminder for each new template message. Just follow the instructions as previously described.
  7. Choose the required sending parameters for the new template and then click Save to store this template. It can be modified and re-saved whenever required.
  8. Once you have completed all the SMS templates you require, optionally go to the Email tab and repeat the exercise for the corresponding email templates that are required.
  9. If you have opted to send updated reminders when an appointment changes you can edit the text for that in the template too. The same goes for initial confirmation, follow up and appointment cancellation messages.

Using Multiple Message Templates

If you are creating your appointments manually in the system, then you can select the appropriate SMS and Email template to be used for each appointment. If you do not select a specific template the system will use the Default Template for that appointment.

If you are linking to a calendar to send your appointment reminders, then you need to specify the relevant Template Name within each appointment, together with the relevant Client Name if using Client Name Mode or the phone/email contacts if using Direct Input Mode. For example if you've created a template called REMINDER2 and you include the text REMINDER2 in the calendar appointment it will use that template, as shown in the example image.

If you do not add a specific Template Name within an appointment, then the system will use the Default Template for that appointment.

If you have any further questions on using multiple message templates for sending SMS reminders head over to support.

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