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How to send high volume bulk SMS text reminders

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Send up to 40,000 text reminders a month

If your business needs to send very large quantities of SMS text reminders for upcoming events, seminars, tutorials, payments or anything else that is typically calendar driven, then you should take a close look at our latest bulk SMS reminder services.

SMS Client Reminders was originally developed as a low-cost, secure and easy to use SMS reminder solution for small and medium size organizations. However, we have increasingly been asked to also provide a high volume bulk SMS service to meet larger business requirements. With a solid technology platform already developed and supporting thousands of SMS transactions daily, this was a logical next step for us to extend the system and meet the needs of these bulk SMS reminder clients.

We have now developed our Professional level SMS services, with five low-cost / high-volume monthly price plans to meet varying business requirements to send bulk SMS reminders, with price plans ranging from under 5k to over 40k text messages per month. For any higher monthly quantities this can be priced on request.

The system has been enhanced with a number of new features to meet the additional requirements of bulk SMS senders including:

  • Improved bulk upload tools for clients and groups
  • New automatic phone number validation tool to prevent sending SMS messages to invalid numbers
  • Supports sending multi-country SMS to both international as well as domestic phone numbers from one account
  • Five new Professional bulk SMS monthly packages implemented for varying levels between 5k to 40k text messages per month, with higher volume pricing available on request

If you want to find out more about our bulk SMS reminder services then we recommend that you take our Free Trial and read the online Tutorials to see how the service works. Please contact us about any specific requirements you may have to make sure we can implement a solution that works just right for your business.

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