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Text reminders for webinars and seminars

If you’re in the business of hosting regular online webinars or real world seminars, then you will know how important attendance rates are for your success.

While emails may be fine for announcing the dates and times of your next events, they are not effective as last minute reminders to make sure people actually turn up.

Text message reminders for seminars

This is why SMS text reminders are an absolutely essential part of your attendee communication programs. Most people will open and read their texts within minutes, because they consider them as urgent and time-sensitive communications, while emails can wait for days before being opened or get lost in junk mail folders never to be seen again.

So it’s time that you invest in a professional, secure and low-cost text reminder service such as SMS Client Reminders. It’s been designed to work just as effectively for small and medium size organizations, as it does for large high volume businesses. It’s used by some of the most well known online and real world educators to increase their attendance rates and minimize any no-shows.

Text message reminders for webinars

Give it a try for yourself today, with our FREE trial. There are a wide range of highly competitive monthly price plans to choose from and, if you just need to use it for one-off or occasional events, then you cancel your subscription at anytime.

If you’ve got any questions then check out our online tutorials and FAQ, or just ask a question using our online Support form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping to improve your attendance rates.

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